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We are a professional firm expert in the field of Landscape Design, Development & Maintenance since 1940.

We are practicing Horticulture Consultants & Contractors in Mumbai. Being in this field it’s our Passion to Create a Greener World & contribute our bit against Global Warming!!! The core value of GreenLands is to serve our clients well. We undertake projects on turnkey basis, and meet project schedule and budget parameters. We greet each project with enthusiasm; our success is built upon lasting client relationship.


At GreenLands, our mission is simple yet profound: to reconnect humanity with nature's splendor. With a multi-generational commitment to environmental stewardship, we seek to transform concrete jungles into vibrant oases. Through our retail presence and franchise opportunities, we empower individuals to become ambassadors for a greener tomorrow


Our vision at GreenLands is to combat global warming and create a greener world. Through 100+ green stores in every Indian city, we promote our 'gift plant - gift life' initiative, fostering a culture of green gifting. We seize every opportunity to bring people closer to nature, making a positive impact on the global environment

How it all started 

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Untitled design (52).png
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"Established in 1940 by Shri Purushottamdas Gaiwala, a Government of Shillong consultant with a Master's in Agriculture, our firm, "Horticultural Services Centre," led India's horticulture consultancy. Amidst few advocates, including my grandfather, he consulted nationally. Today, we uphold his legacy, offering expert horticultural consultancy."

In the 1970s, my father, Mr. Sanjiv Gaiwala, extended our green legacy to construction, mills, film stars, and HNIs in Mumbai. With meticulous supervision, he ensured exceptional results. Notably, he collaborated with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to beautify his Juhu bungalow, embodying trust and excellence.

As the 3rd generation entrepreneur, Mr Mittesh Gaiwala  lead GreenLands with passion, working closely with clients to realize their garden visions. Our core value is exemplary service, managing turnkey projects with precision, meeting schedules and budgets. Enthusiastically embracing each endeavor, our success thrives on enduring client partnerships. GreenLands is committed to fulfilling all landscaping requirements through dedicated, professional service, ensuring client satisfaction.

This is the year we started our retail venture "The Garden Boutique" specialising in high quality Exotic Plants & Garden Accessories.

This year marks the launch of our Mali Expertise Services, 'Book My Mali,' offering onsite plant care and garden maintenance services.

In our quest for a Greener World and to combat Global Warming, we aim to open 100+ green stores nationwide. By appointing nature enthusiasts as GreenLands franchisees, we offer an easy and profitable franchise model, fostering green entrepreneurship. Passionately seeking all green opportunities, we strive to make a positive global environmental impact, connecting people with nature.

Mittesh Gaiwala

Green Enthusiast & Nature Lover

Meet Mittesh, the visionary 3rd generation leader and Creative Head of GreenLands. With nature coursing through his family's legacy, he's committed to combatting Mumbai's concrete sprawl and dwindling natural resources. His dream? Planting trees and fostering a green thumb in every hand.

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Designer Pots and Plants available at GreenLands.
Landscape Design, Development and Maintenance done by GreenLands. Think Green. Think GreenLands.
Think Green. Think GreenLands.      Green Gifting Partner at Retailers Association of India summit.
Greenlands Welcome Acharya Vasudha Shukla at India's  Biggest Garden Centre in a Mall.

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