Landscape Design

Our team of experienced designer and draftsmen , design and scape a barren land into a beautiful green zone, keeping the site and taste of the clients in mind. Landscape Design

Landscape Development

Once the design is approved, our team starts with the hardscape, water bodies or any civil work required at site. Softscape development is the last thing to complete the project. Landscape Development

Garden Maintenance Services

We provide you with personal care from our trained gardeners for your Landscape gardens, water fountains, indoor and outdoor plants at your society, home or office and if you are unable to carry out laborious maintenance work like repotting, fertiliser application, spraying etc. We provide these services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or…

Plants on Hire

Well maintained office plants offer multiple benefits to the people who work around them. These includes people feeling healthier (physically and spiritually), breathing clean air with less toxins and offering a more aesthetically pleasing workplace. Plants on Hire

Terrace & Podium Landscape Services

Our team makes sure your area is planned and executed for a long term green effect. Creating green spaces on any surface is what we specialise into. Terrace & Balcony Garderning

Vertical Green Walls

GreenLands can assist you in setting up vertical gardens or green wall to enhance your inner and outer living spaces. The main aim being to blend nature into existing ambience. - Significantly cools concrete surface by a few degrees - A means to re-cycle grey water - Eye catching appeal for spectators - Efficient use…
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