Creative Head

Mittesh Gaiwala
Green Enthusiast & Nature Lover

Mittesh, is the 3rd generation Entrepreneur & Creative Head at GreenLands. Nature was always closer to his heart as it runs in the family for generations. Concerned about the concrete jungles in mumbai & the depleting natural resources he always wanted to do something related to nature, with a dream of planting trees & putting a plant in every hand. Today with a chain of retail stores across ten major cities in India, a vast business network with top corporate clients of the country and with its impacting offline and online presence GreenLands has set a new trend in green gifting, home garden décor, landscaping and horticulture related services.

He spent most of his school holidaysworking with team of gardeners in nurseries & at sites practically gaining knowledge under the able guidance of his Father & Mentor Mr. Sanjiv Purushottamdas Gaiwala from an early age of 15 years. He has done his Graduation in Commerce & Economics, but his passion for Green always made him think out of the box. One of his first independent project was to beautify a residential balcony, which he completed in record time & at the clients complete satisfaction. The happy faces of his clients & plant lovers gave him the courage & confidence required to raise the level & start the green retail concept in malls & hypermarkets. He has won several accolades, many magazines & print media have interviewed him for his contribution & green retail concept. GreenLands also won the “Most Admired Kiosk” award from the BEST Malls in Mumbai.

His goal is to open 100+ green stores & create green entrepreneurs across India by appointing nature lovers as GreenLands franchisee’s with a easy & profitable franchisee model of low investment – high profit mechanism.

“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”

― Mahatma K. Gandhi

Our Mission

GreenLands mission is to create a greener world &carry on our legacy that we have created since 1940, the trends we have set in Landscaping & Horticulture, vertical gardens,green gifting and garden decor related services in India. We seek to achieve this by inculcating a sense of responsibility in one and all towards mother nature & contribute our bit against Global Warming.

With a Challenge of converting 5000+ sq.ft. age-old nursery into a limited space of 150+ sq.ft. one stop shop for greenery at a nearby mall & at a reasonable cost is one of our biggest achievements.

Our Vision

“To create a Greener World & Contribute our bit against Global Warming”
To achieve this we aim to open 100+ green stores in every city of India & help / promote people “gift plant – gift life”.

We passionately look for all green opportunities to make a positive contribution to the global environment by bringing people close to nature.

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